Object 10: Christmas: Advent calendars

MC12383, MC1188.2001 Advent calendersSo far, 26 Children’s Winters is a project of surprises, starting with the lovely surprise of selection. As a relatively new blogger, I approached this new, more official-sounding title of ‘writer’ with a bit of trepidation. This all quickly faded with the excitement of a trip to the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh, the chance to get up close and personal with the beautiful artefacts, and to indulge in watching Christmas movies in June (for research purposes, of course).

The revelation of object 10 was also a bit of a surprise. Writing about advent calendars, for an advent calendar? It all seemed to be getting a bit metafictional and puzzling. Then I saw them, in all their glittery, magical glory. I understood the appeal and was determined to do them justice. The final surprise was producing a poem, Entirely unintentional, and not a rhyme in sight, but my first poem nonetheless. Although the written input is nearing completion, this project feels as though it is just getting started. I can’t wait to see how the rest unfolds. and I’m sure it will result in good things for a great cause: It’s Good 2 Give after all.


By Sara McQueen

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