Object 24: Winter: Coughs and colds

MC2807, MC2808, MC1097.94 medicinesFirst… The negatives:

The fear that, as a writer of 50 word stories, finding those extra 12 words for my first 26 mission would cause me to collapse with exhaustion.

Then… The positives:

Joining a team of diverse, talented and creative people in a project centred around one of my favourite places, the Museum of Childhood.

My initial thoughts on seeing my ‘Winter Colds’ picture of medicaments past and present:

I ought to do some proper research.

What proper research revealed about Rose Hips:

During the war parents were exhorted to garner them in order to make Vitamin C-rich syrup for their children

They’ve traditionally been used to make soup in Sweden, alcohol in Hungary and pyjama cases in Borneo.

I made one of those up.

What these facts sparked off for me:

Lots! But nothing I could fit within 62 words.

What I did with my picture in the end:

Used it as a prompt for my usual wheeze: finding humour in personal experiences and recollections.

How I am now:

Champing at the bit for the next 26 project.

What I can report:

After negotiating that pesky surplus of a dozen words, I am still well and truly upright.


By Stephen Barnaby

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