Words by Helen Kielt in response to Notebook by Fanny Shorter

Illustration by Assa Ariyoshi

Girl in Verse

Looking back it’s difficult to know how much of the
remembering is tainted by imagining and how much
is tainted by truth. These are our notes, summoned
up like monuments, each thought bowing to testify
a beautifully broken version of itself. It went wrong
before I knew it, our fiction in verse. Had we a
blueprint it might tell a different story. I would
scalpel a shape from us and smooth it out so no-one
could tell. I would fold it every kind of way to see if
the edges meet. I would allow myself that.

Click here to view the design that inspired this piece of writing.

Writer: @helenkielt
Designer: fannyshorter.com
Illustrator: Assa Ariyoshi