Words by Ben Jolliffe in response to Inlay Tables by Alexander Mueller

Illustration by Assa Ariyoshi

Echoes past flit across the table.
‘…it’s a commission.’
‘…for dining, living…’
‘…workshop in Rajasthan…’
‘Welcome, Alex. Chai?’
‘Mango, you say?’
‘Yes… the wood is like the fruit…’
‘…yellow, shades of red.’
‘Split like that. Cut like what? Bend like how?’
‘But, what about this way? Or that way?’
‘Oh, God!’
‘Can I…? Can we….? Would you…?’
‘Cut it!’
‘…hexagons winking in the Jodhpur palace walls, like eyes.’
‘..blinking now in metal around the rim.’
And where will all that work go now?
‘I love it, darling…fits just right.’
‘Now, turn off that light.’
In slides the future,

Click here to view the design that inspired this piece of writing.

Writer: @benjolliffe
Designer: alexandermueller.co.uk
Illustrator: Assa Ariyoshi