Words by Claire Bodanis in response to Encaustic Wall and Flooring Tiles by Lindsey Lang

Illustration by Assa Ariyoshi

I am America. I am England. I am Spain.

I am the beauty and precision of the mother who
imagined me. I am the strength and durability of the father
who made me.

I am circles. I am squares. I am the squaring of the circle.
I am the circling of the square.

I am unique. I am one of many from my mould.

Alone, I am a thing of beauty, to be gazed at and admired.

In perfect alignment with my brothers and sisters,
I am a thing of utility, to be walked over, yet loved.

Click here to view the design that inspired this piece of writing.

Writer: falconwindsor.com
Designer: lindseylang.co.uk
Illustrator: Assa Ariyoshi