Words by Joan Lennon in response to The Brontë Alcove by Sean Dare

Joan Lennon


from the floor –
     a high Zeppelin,
     primed for the sky,
     only just permits
     the tethering
     of little legs

from the side –
     a fat lady’s corset
     braves the bulge,
     smoothes ridges
     and ruckles
     into one persuasive curve

from the front –
     open-armed and ample,
     an urbane settle
     an upholstered inglenook
     a cushioned invitation –
     come to me

from inside –
     for two,
     a snug of secrets –
     knees touching,
     whispers contained
     between confidential walls –
     no design for strangers

     and for one,
     a Brontë bonnet –
     a singular parsonage –
     a niche for thought,
     buffered, sheltering,
     shuts out
     the rackety world
     like wind off the moors

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Writer: joanlennon.co.uk
Designer: darestudio.co.uk
Illustrator: Assa Ariyoshi