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Daddy knows nothing

Words by Neil Baker Artwork by Elaine Winter      There are two coffins in our front room and in the middle of the night, when our house is asleep, I slip into my sister’s one, so we can be together again. I feel safe in there. Our bodies are cold but our nighties are…

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The Dread

Words by Alya Al-Khatib Artwork by Leticia Credidio     File no: 17475XZE/MoD Classification: SECRET   This file is only available in transcript format. All requests for the video log must be approved by the Director of Defence Security. Start of recorded material WP Justine Zane, this is Wiltshire Police. Please sit down and face…

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Words by Mike Reed Artwork by Mark Wheatcroft     Any minute now. Callum could hear the others moving around on the floors below – someone hammered up the main stairs. Voices shouted: ‘Not here!’ Sooner or later one of them – Jake, surely – would work it out, and steel himself to climb the…

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