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Putting truth to one side….

26 Lies is a project from the writers’ group, 26. It’s all about the ways in which people lie to each other and sometimes to themselves.

This is how the project worked. 26 writers were given a different lie-themed quotation. These were either lies in themselves – massive deceptions or little white lies – or grand reflections on the nature of lies and lying. Each writer teamed up with with a partner – an illustrator or photographer, artist or sculptor, film-maker or songwriter – and together they responded to their quotation.  Imaginations were allowed to run riot. Honesty was not a requirement.

The results are published here – one a day from 7 March to April Fools’ Day.

There will also be a print edition of the work in the form of a 26 Lies tabloid newspaper and later this year a 26 Lies exhibition at the Free Word Centre in London.

26 has around 400 members, professional and aspiring writers of all varieties, and always welcomes more. Join 26 today! You’ll get our much-loved monthly newsletter, discounted (sometimes free) entry to our writerly events, the chance to exchange words and business cards with other talented types, and a role in our creative projects…

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Wendy Jones and Andy Hayes