“Elvis is alive!” (The People and other tabloids) Mar14


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“Elvis is alive!” (The People and other tabloids)

Sabine - IMAGE Natalie ELVIS
 “The journey of one’s life path depicted by a continuous line that never really begins or ends, never ending, everywhere and nowhere.”

A little more action


He delivers my mail

on a rainy Wednesday afternoon

he leaves notes in old-fashioned cursive


He’s touring Germany

last week he sang

for my mother’s sixtieth birthday


He looks up from across Moe’s in Ottawa

and winks at a stunned stoned face

with his right eye


Elvis is a little-known

recipe for a Peanut Butter Sandwich

with a little more bite — “Simple and Elegant”


Elvis is a 19-year-old labourer from Norwich

he impressed on television

with his androgyny thing


Elvis isn’t dead.

He just went home

to a little less conversation.

Writer: Sabine Harnau
Artist: Natalie Bone