“It wasn’t me.” (everyday lie) Mar11


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“It wasn’t me.” (everyday lie)



It wasn’t me

Brace yourself – it’s dangerously catchy. Just when you think that earworm’s gone for good, it strikes again.


It wasn’t me.


Mind blocked by a catchy refrain. Let’s just go with it. Let’s Youtube this out my system. Death by replay – that’s the plan.


It wasn’t me.


The video’s showing its age. Millennial bling. Slow-mo running shot in a tomato polo neck. An ill-advised earring if I ever saw one. Flashy intercom.
“Yo man.”


It wasn’t me.


Is that silk or polyester he’s wearing? I’m just saying, it looks flammable. Really enjoying the old school tech though. Those pixels like building blocks take me back.


It wasn’t me.


A time capsule of cringe. So much swag. So little substance.
He’s wearing a cravat. Give me strength.


It wasn’t me.


One Wikipedia diversion later – a revelation – his real name’s Orville.
I’ll just let that one sink in.
Orville. Orville Richard Burrell.


It wasn’t me.


It’s still stuck there. Great.
Thanks a lot Shaggy.


Writer: Sophie Gordon
Artist: Fiona McKenzie