“The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” (Book of Genesis) Mar13


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“The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” (Book of Genesis)

Tony - IMAGE Andree - Serpent

The Testament of Eve

In the beginning, I was alive.

          Breath. Hunger. Warmth. Pulsations of colour and movement. My senses, all new. Grassy greens, blistering sunshine and multi-coloured blooms drenched my eyes. Deep blue oceans swelled and crashed into my freshly formed ears. Birds sang to me. The wind pushed pathways through the trees above me, caressing me, leading me onwards until the deepest black and silvery night edged across the sky and covered me in sleep. Then I awoke. Another day and then another. The world breathing incessantly. In and out. Dark and light. Land and sea. Everything distinct. Exquisite clarity as I closed my eyes each time.


I awoke to find a creature looking back at me. His eyes close to mine. His mouth gently moving, so beautiful. I inhaled his sweet breath. But you are not free, he whispered. I looked at my outstretched fingers, my feet pressing into the ground, my legs poised to run. What does it mean, not free?

          He dedicated his gaze to me. I wanted to look elsewhere, to move but the world around us had become distant.

          Eat from the tree, he said.

          Eat from the tree and I would surely die, I thought. I remembered this and as I did so a spark of fire grew inside me. The world outside dismantled.

          If you eat from the tree you will surely not die, he said.

          Shivers became convulsions and they rocked something free. New life erupted inside me and a world opened up. A universe. Faster than light. Deeper than space. Warmer than the sun. Endless constellations of excitement, anticipation, guilt.

          Eat from the tree, he said, and you will see.

          Locked inside, I wanted to see. I took the fruit and I did eat. I tried to fill my deep hunger, taking in vast amounts of the outside. I ate and ate and I saw. I saw that night is part of day, that land is part of the sea, that good is part of evil. I saw that death is now part of life.

          I will surely die, that is clear. When my children are born they will have their death already inside, as their children and their children’s children will have death born inside them. And we will all surely live.

Writer: Tony Linkson
Artist: Andree Martis