Mile 15 – 16

Limehouse Link where Narrow Street comes off on the right hand side to On the Isle of Dogs at the corner of Byng Street


Words by Martin Lee, sound and design by James Lee



  1. john Simmons
    4th April 2013

    Absolutely love this. Well done, Martin and James

  2. neil baker
    4th April 2013

    Wow. That was fantastic. I feel like I’ve been hypnotised.

  3. Rebecca
    4th April 2013

    Absolutely brilliant chaps. I loved it and can’t wait to listen again Captures the mile perfectly!

  4. Sarah Farley
    5th April 2013

    Incredible. I love it.

  5. Ellie
    7th April 2013

    This is great- very unsetting, especially with the sounds playing with no visual cue to connect them to, except those blinking lights…

  6. Jane Eden
    9th April 2013

    Brilliant. Loved the verbatim interviews and well, all of it, basically! Saw danger of death a lot in mile 16 to 17.

  7. scott hayward
    10th April 2013

    Disorienting, reorienting. Dreamlike and strange. Banal and sublime, and vice versa. The world through one’s eyelids, just the way I like it. Pretty impressive!

  8. valerie gibson
    13th May 2013

    An incredible, brilliant collaboration. More please.

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