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  • Date Posted: Feb 6, 2016
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  • Address: king george island

BIQQ1ZZ. The British Antarctic Territory. About as remote as postcodes get.

How might a postperson navigate

this world of white

with sodden bag

on shivering bike?


Delivering coded notes to scientists

huddled in their labs

observed by concerned penguins

from afar.


I’ll knit an envelope,

choose waterproof paper

and permanent inks.

Write words that simmer,

lines that fume.

Seal my message with a steaming iron

and a stamp of molten blue.


Creative Journey

Remote?! Our latitude makes us neighbours.

Where do I go with a land with no inhabitants?

If there are no inhabitants why do they need a postcode?

Actually looks to be home to penguins and seals.

What does BIQQ 1ZZ mean? The end of the alphabet? The edge of the world?

Over 99% is covered by a permanent ice sheet, so who would live there? How would a postperson deliver?

Is the sestude by way of a postcard to a penguin or a seal?

My toes feel especially cold as I explore.

Write it as an ad hiring Antarctic territory mailmen?  (not original)

Writing to sell postage stamps to fund a seal out of the postcode?

Is it penned by a penguin?

White as the eye can see/ the whites of our eyes/

/Colonised only by penguins/

How does the mail get delivered if it’s a land of ice?

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  1. Near neighbours indeed…a lovely piece

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