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  • Date Posted: Jan 23, 2016
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  • Address: runnymede SL4 2JL

The air of noteworthiness

…is held back with a weak postcode. Instead of symbolising justice and fairness, SL4 suggests a personality of a SLAcker – SLow and SLuggish. Although the River Thames sweeps through the birthplace of modern democracy, adjacent sites are unsympathetic to Runnymede’s situation. With their celebrity status assured, Windsor Castle and Legoland command greater attention while SL4’s picturesque situ juxtaposes the fanfare, existing quietly.


Creative Journey

My creative journey took me from thinking about how ‘SL4 2JL’ looks in type, to thinking about what words SL reminded me of – slow, sale, sail, slay, sleigh and Slough. I concluded it wasn’t a particularly positive postcode in my mind.

I recalled a poem I’d studied at school by Sir John Betjeman and how I was told that it wasn’t very nice to say such ill things of a place when after a visit to Slough, I agreed with the poet. I considered other places that might do well from Betjeman’s call to action too… I digress.

Having watched a video narrated by Monty Python’s Terry Jones about the Magna Carta, I visited the National Trust website and looked at pictures of the Queen and people sitting on old chairs in the middle of a field. Google Maps led me to someone’s driveway, a brief visit to Legoland and Windsor Castle. It also led to confusion about the postcode location in Surrey, Slough and Windsor, which is still not resolved.

I was briefly amused by the word Runnymeade and considered the jargon of an estate agent to write about the site.


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