H-I: Hawkshead to Ings, Lake Windermere


Full Force Cumbria

We set off with a spring in our step,
or, rather, a beck –
full force Cumbria, landscape and weather –
learning a language of brant fells,
meres, tarns and Herdwicks.

Limestone ridges under our boots,
we walk like Wainwright –
hide like Hannay
when jets sear over Windermere.

Tufted moss, wild garlic, celandine –
Sawrey: no Rabbit. Only Hill Top(s):
Post Knott. School Knott.


beck = stream         fell = hill

force = waterfall     tarn = pond

brant = steep           mere = lake         knott = rocky hill


#26Steps H-I  |  Hawkshead to Ings, Lake Windermere  |  Carol McKay http://carolmckay.co.uk