The Accidental Hero

gillian-cWritten by Gillian Colhoun, illustrated by Amalie & Bruno Caves
Inspired by Matilda


I’m no knight in shining armour
Not tall, not proud, not full of ardour.
I never asked to be that guy
The one they cheered to swillafy.
Never thought there’d come a day
I’d get my turn to make her pay.


I’m no hero in tights and cape
Not brave, not bold, not Iron Man shaped.
I never meant to scoff that cake,
The one The Trunchbull had Cook bake.
Never defied a grown-up before,
I’m so very easy to ignore.


I’m Bruce Bogtrotter
Round and plump.
A stammerer, a stutterer,
An invisible chump.


But, you know what?
I won.

2 thoughts on “The Accidental Hero

  • August 19, 2016 at 10:08 am

    We love Bruce in our house. We debate frequently what our superpower would be. Have to admit, eating unfeasible amounts of cake is right up there with flying, turning invisible and lightning speed 😉

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