Moulin Rouge

Address: Moulin Rouge, Nottingham
Words: Bert Preece, Richard Rudkin (link to original review)
Design: Alex Walker

My mistake- request to delete my Google Review, thx Richard Rudkin
Moulin Rouge, Nottingham


Richard Rudkin
in the last week

This little chippy tucked away in trinity square once was a great destination for fish and chip lovers but since it’s new owner arrived turning it into something from a theme park which as no relevance to the name above the door, Moulin Rough – so let’s turn the interior into a boat and give the staff silly hats but the owner won’t wear one himself

On entry, everybody know’s how a queue works these days so I don’t need to explain but seriously why are we going to the back of the shop to order and then watch your order fly to the front of the shop on a bit of string then for confused staff to then process your order extremely slowly

Tips- at the counter there’s a tip box but I’m sorry I’m not tipping to pay for your love of WOOD, SILLY HATS, SLOW SERVICE AND A CONFUSING QUEING / ORDERING SYSTEM, you’ve already had your tip out of me by putting up the price of a handful of chips to £2.00, charity box yes, tips box no sorry

Food – I got the poo’s from the poor quality sausage


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Subject: My mistake- request to delete my Google Review, thx Richard Rudkin

Dear Sirs/Madams,

Please find attached a Google Review (Attachment.1) that I submitted to Google very late on Wednesday night which you published. It is a review that I would be grateful if you could REMOVE from your website and computer systems at your office.

The reason I would like the review removed is because I hold my hands up I MADE A MISTAKE. My review was harsh and reckless especially as I am usually the one who is an advocate and supporter of local businesses in my home town of Nottingham.

Apology’s AGAIN- I write on Saturday morning to apologise for the childish nature of my comments both to you and Moulin Rouge. Please refer to the second attachment (Attachment.2) for my revised review which I would be grateful if you could you please download and use it on my behalf.

Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.

Thanks and regards,
Richard Rudkin



3 out of 5 *stars*:- rather than the 1* I gave before

This little chippy tucked away in trinity square is a great destination for fish and chip lovers. I have been told it has a new owner and noticed a uniform change to give it a Parisian Moulin Rouge feel that certainly sets it apart from other fish and chip shop destinations.

When you go in you are greeted with oil paintings and watercolours of moulin rouge and other paraphernalia on the wall and there is a great diverse offering on the menu, including scampi and calamity. The diversity doesn’t stop their- the people who visit often includes men in suits, shoppers from the Victoria centre and also people coming straight from working in the other establishments surrounding the area in Nottingham.

I could have done with slightly more fish to go with my chips in my Medium Fish & Chips although it tasted very fresh, the chips were fluffy but crispy on the outside and the condiment selection is unrivalled offering mint sauce as well as the usual ones you’d expect such as good vinegar, a tangy curry sauce, mushy peas, tartare sauce and red sauce – I had a slice of doorstop bread and a cup of tea as well which was a good english breakfast

On leaving, the only thing I would improve is the charity box situation as I think it would be good to have one and for the shop to open slightly later into the night- especially as its just off the high street and many students constantly pass by