Zone of Unwritten

Address: unnamed area of land between the Lammerlaws,  train station,  docks, industrial site and sailing club harbour in Burntisland, Fife, Scotland.

Zone of Unwritten – images filmed by Clare Archibald

Singular Word Appendices to the Map of the Zone of Unwritten
Words: chosen and spoken by Clare Archibald
Image: Clare Archibald

Music/Sound: City of Maps

Zone of Unwritten Folding Map
Words: Clare Archibald
Illustrations: Maxim Peter Griffin

The Zone of Unwritten should be explored by first watching the YouTube film then listening to the Soundcloud link, ending with the illustrations and words. The place can then be revisited in any order of preference or indeed in different ways.

Click on the link to open: Zone of Unwritten Folding Map