About the project

26’s Common Ground project was set up by John Simmons, Tim Rich and Rob Williams and the quickest way to get to the heart of it is to start reading the stories that made it into the original book. 26 writers (and a few more that the editors managed to squash in) wrote 2500 words about a writer they admire, someone they feel connected to and with whom they share a geographical link.

The 26 Common Ground project also brought these links to life, with readings, expeditions and a live music event featuring The Chavs. Common Ground became a kind of literary tour guide to the UK. But it was incomplete. We’d like more writers to take part to tell us about the wonders of their home ground, the writers who lived or worked there, in the past and the present.

Since it kicked off, the pitch has changed shape and added a couple of dimensions. Now, the natural place to extend Common Ground is here, online. We’re not confined to a number of pages. We can add as many stories as you can write.

We’re inviting writers – wherever in the world you are – to send us your Common Ground tales. Which writers share your background, crossed your path or inspired you to take up your pen and set down your thoughts?

We’re asking you to send us pieces from 250 words to 2500; add your photographs too if you like. You don’t have to join 26 to take part, but we’d be glad to have you.