An extraordinary project, for extraordinary times.

The coronavirus pandemic placed us in a unique scenario – one that requires us to change how we do things at an unprecedented pace and scale.

We wanted to capture these changes as a snapshot in time – to observe and listen to people’s responses and create an authentic record for the future, with writing at the core of our response.

Writing involves observing, listening and talking to others. It reflects what we personally think and feel and what we watch and learn from the world around us. It helps us to better understand and make sense of things without rushing to hasty conclusions or certainties.

When the project began, we held no preconceived ideas of where it might lead us, only that over a period of 26 weeks our world would change in an unprecedented way and we would capture a unique record of experiences across different aspects of life.

As the project evolves, it continues to offer opportunities to be involved in something that affects everyone; bringing to life authentic stories that reflect the things that affect us, over a specific period of time.