Gillian and Suzy


Gillian Colhoun in conversation with
Suzy Guy

Suzy is Gillian’s friend who lives over the hedge. She’s a Respiratory Consultant in Belfast’s Mater Hospital, and mum to five kids. She took part in a TV campaign that changed public attitudes to social distancing in Northern Ireland.

What have I learned?

I rarely start a sentence with I.

I use the word shit-show a lot.

I run out of ways to explain the world to my children and elderly parent.

I struggle with balance; either all work or all indolence.

I am not built for domestic labour.

I am built for productivity.

I look for peace on a hill.

I feel sad after dreaming about my mum.

I am a better listener than I used to be.

I enjoy the company of unreasonable people.

I may be an artist.

I may be a bullshit artist.

I often feel stuck; do you?

I have no compulsion to control things.

I have no visibility on what will happen next.

I am in the eye of the storm.

The storm is in the I of me.

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