Melanie and Anita


Melanie Cochran in conversation with
Anita Anand

Anita Anand is a BBC presenter, journalist and author. Her radio programme Any Answers? invites everyone to have their say. Her books uncover untold stories. Melanie Cochran is a consultant, coach and co-founder of createbalance. We bonded over Gin and a bottomless love for our inseparable sons.

Note 1: March-May

Anita felt early warnings. News cycles in the Far East and China. Surprising levels of fear in the rational scientific community. Something big, different and threatening. Then everyone needed to talk about it. Her programme is a good barometer of national feeling. COVID side swiped all other debates. Six weeks into lockdown, it’s the vocabulary of her 5 and 10 year olds.

Isolation challenges us to face who we are. It can be empowering – space for rediscovery. Presenter and author now Jedi of bread. A Breadi ! Time is moving in an unusual way. It feels easier to accept what we can’t control and OK to leave things unfinished. For now, other things matter.

The water reaches everyone in this Tsunami, but those on higher ground will do better – inequality is exposed. Connection is everything. Missing the energy supply of people, we seek each other out. Human values are re-surfacing.

These are hallmarks of a changing life.

Note 2: May-July

There was a sense in the beginning of us all pulling in the same direction. Health agendas using scientific intelligence, political agendas being dialed down. Now the strains between politics and science are more evident. Science is taking greater prominence. We’re all talking about ‘R’ rates and antibodies. I hope this interest stays. It’s important to understand.

Fear has been replaced by irritation. Frustration is creeping in. We’re losing patience, becoming fractious. Intolerant. We need to use our new-found tech forums to keep communities connected – not as soapboxes. It’s a shock to see the fragility of people’s lives and how quickly they can run out of road.

What we do is essentially the same, but we do it differently – accelerating solutions by focusing on what we want to achieve. Paying attention to what’s important. Choosing where and with whom we spend our time. We have the experience now to make better choices.

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