Grandmama’s devious plan

Grandmother's-Plan-Cover---Written by Florence Massey, illustrated by Chris Harton
Inspired by The Witches


We started strong in England,
So now I’ve a witch map and a plan.
Luke and I, we’re totally ready,
To take on the whole vile clan.

The Grand High Witch lives in Norway,
And we know that she’s been plotting too.
She’s invented an itchless wig,
And the Squointy Shoe.

But she’s got a big fight to face.
At her castle, plagued with bats,
We’re beginning our battle;
Formula 86 – and 50 cats.

Because, my darlings, you see,
The War on Witches has only just begun.
We must take countries of them down,
Slowly but surely. One by one.

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