polly-barnabyWritten by Stephen Barnaby, illustrated by Polly Barnaby
Inspired by The BFG



It appears that someone has been smuggling a mysterious downward-bubbling drink into diplomatic conferences and peace negotiations all around the world.

As a result, war and disagreements between nations have been wiped out completely as top politicians and army leaders blast themselves merrily into the air in a joyful outbreak of hilarity and what has become known as ‘whizzpopping’.

No one is sure who is responsible for this.

Efforts to find the catering manager from these events have revealed only two facts: that he is 900 feet tall and that he apparently regards recent occurrences as having been ‘frobscottlyumptious’.


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Oompa Loompas Versus The People

Written by Samm Short, illustrated by Phoebe Alexander-Davis
Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Oompa Loompas Versus The People


FILED: 04.28.16

JUDGEMENT: Uncertain


Image 1: Rubbish Chute.

Defendant nods vigorously.

Image 2: Ms Salt, Falling Down Chute.

Defendant laughs hysterically. Stops. Puts hand into pocket and pops dark bean into mouth.

Image 3: The Accursed Oogletrumper.

Defendant gasps and puts head between legs. Requests for Defendant to stand up properly are refused until Judge apologises and promises not to show awful pictures again.


Immigration papers are requested. Defendant tosses a caterpillar over his shoulder and shrugs.


Man in hat at the back calls Blashphemoodle! and lobs a gobstopper at Judge.




The Enormous Crocodile

Rosa illustration 3Written by Olly Davy, illustrated by Rosa
Inspired by The Enormous Crocodile


Now I must say, in my plans for the day,
This was not one of my cleverest tricks.
Muggle Wump the monkey, Humpy Rumpy and Trunky
Have put me in a rumbunculous fix.

They caught me, they trapped me, they saw me, they stopped me.
Warned the children and spoiled my lunch.
Those botherous beasts interrupted my feast.
Next time, it’s their bones that I’ll crunch.

I can’t wait to land and make secreter plans
To enjoy a fantabulous meal.
I’m sure Trunky tastes good, with Roly Poly Bird pud.
It’s not long ’til I’ll be hearing them squeal.


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Postcards from retirement

maya-chapmanWritten by Nick Parker, illustrated by Maya Chapman
Inspired by Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Charlie! Your first day in charge! The goodest of lucks!
Remember – call the Wonkaphone if you need me!

Charlie! Had splendiforous idea for edible hats!
If it’s not a winner I’ll… eat my hat!!  Drop by and show you?
Fine if you’re busy.

SO sorry for the trubulation.
Just wanted to see the Oompah Loompahs again.
Of course I’ll bring them back! Hope production not affected.

Yes. Was me on the roof last night. Must have been sleepwalking.
Were the squirrels very spooked? A thousand apologies.

Charlie, my dear boy.
Listen. Don’t suppose you need a lift operator, do you?

This is the story of James Henry Trotter

Liam-Gogan's-giant-peachWritten by Mike Gogan, illustrated by Liam Gogan
Inspired by James and the Giant Peach


This is the story of James Henry Trotter.
He’d two nasty aunts, each a real rotter.
Old Spiker and Sponge had put fun out of reach,
Until ‘Bang!’ Fun came along with a giant peach.
James wriggled inside the fruit so delicious,
To start him an adventure so luscilicious.
Inside the peach, he made strange friends indeed;
A grasshopper, a spider, a centipede.
Like the peach, all giants, worm and ladybird too,
They bounced, they floated, to the clouds they flew.
With sea gulls on strings, what fun these friends had.
Three cheers for James, now there’s a happy lad.

The girl from The Magic Finger


Written by Michelle Nicol, illustrated by Oisin Farrelly
Inspired by The Magic Finger


Something cracks deep in my tummy.
Tumbling, rumbling like a hard, sour, unripe pear.

A roman candle rocket blasts up to my chest on magnesium flames.
Cheeks sizzle like a lobster on a hot plate.
Chilli burns through every pore.

Belly bubbling goes ballistic.
White-hot lava surges through my bones.
Seething, simmering,
I grind my teeth.
I writhe. I hiss.

An electric eel sparks through my veins.
A million billion shocks through every cell.
I’ll explode.
Shatter like a glass droplet.
I am furious, fierce, ferocious.

Enough of your oshkoshery!

I point my finger…

No looking back.



Grandmamma and the BFG

Bronagh Newman's illustration for Grandmamma and the BFG.Written by Mavis Gulliver, illustrated by Bronagh Newman
Inspired by The BFG


The BFG shook his head so hard that the breeze from his ears sent grandmamma flying.

“Most totally unpossible,” he said as he picked her up and popped her into his waistcoat pocket. “My dreams is for tiddly childers. They is not for oldy human beans with prunefuls of winkles and goldilocks as grey as bodgers’ bottoms.”

“Please,” she coaxed. “Just one phizzwizard for a box of peaches and a real live elephant.”

“You is tempting me,” said the BFG, “but no promises and no kiddling. I wants to see peaches and elefunts before I decides if they’s worth it.”

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Slugworth by OscarWritten by Mandy Lee, illustrated by Oscar Mackenzie
Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Oh why aren’t I famed for my fabulous sweets,
like Wonka is known for his outlandish treats?
I know there’s a market for mud-covered chews,
or sour, hairy lollipops handmade from gnu.
And don’t forget green, skunky, trout-flavoured creams,

with snot-covered gum that, when bit, squirts a stream!

They’re brilliant, inventive and tasty, I swear,
but nobody listens while Wonka is there.
So I’m giving up sweets, going all fancy-pants,
to make Slugworth’s Fun Biscuits from roadkill and ants!

These brand new concoctions of protein-rich bugs,
will show them I’m not just some slurraping slug!


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The centipede goes to the ball

laura's centipede2

Written by Linda Cracknell, illustrated by Laura Codona, aged 11, patient at Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.
Inspired by James and the Giant Peach


In my beetroot-coloured boots
I could form a ballet troupe
or a Barndance – do-si-do,
Bolero duos – quick-quick-slow.
Please don’t come – the floor’s complete
with my hundred-odd sweet feet.
There’s only forty-two?
So what! Look what they can do:
Boogie-woogie, Bossa-Nova;
Breakdance or Bangra for the solos.
Bachata, Bump-and-Grind,
Boogalooing that’s divine.
I’m aiming for a personal best
to be the most girating pest
with heels that clickety-clack;
on my head my red Fez hat.
My Bellydance is quite a giggle
but awesomest? My Bigmarchwiggle.
Legs whirring briskly,
see me on Strictly!
Forty-two beautiful beetroot boot-feet
are going to the ball.


4_KirstenIrving_LavenderWritten by Kirsten Irving, illustrated by Charlie Sitt
Inspired by Matilda


History snags heroes in its spines. The tyrant-ticklers, the boldest of the jimminies. And every hero sees their comrade as ten times the hero; clanking with medals while they cobble together a mission. This is school, and a small girl can only do so much. Your overlord for this afternoon, and the seeming rest of your life, is your headteacher. She is a solid wall of loathing for you all; a pitiless, pebble-dashed municipal building. But, like every dictator, her habits will undo her.


In the daily glug of water,

the spring newt wrassles and calms.

Lavender pretends to write.