Prince Pondicherry

princepondicherry_harryhughesWritten by Jayne Workman, illustrated by Harry Hughes
Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


“C’est comme ça, dear Wonka,”
Purred the Prince over chai,
“A tribute in chocolate just to me?
How delicious, delightful, chocaudacious to see.”


“Pondy, good fellow,” breezed Wonka right back,
“Un palais de chocolat? Ça ne va pas.
In the Indian sun, it’ll melt in a trice.
That’s it. Final word. Chocolate Master’s advice.”


“Choco carpet, choco taps, choco turrets, choco baths.
What’s wrong about that?
You say it won’t work. Your name’s on the line.
No sugar for you. Our trade, I resign.”


“Oh, but wait, Your ‘Cherryness, let’s not despair.
Dark or light chocolate for the patio chairs?”


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