The Queen does a great big whizzpopper

4_AmnaBoheim_TheQueenWritten by Amna Boheim, illustrated by Lara Boheim & Alexander Kivinen
Inspired by The BFG


“I’ve given it a twist,” the BFG whispered to Sophie.

“You did what!?” Sophie whispered back.

The Queen peered at the Frobscottle bottle. “One is 90 only once.” She then drained the whole bottle. “One would love to have another.”

“I really don’t think you should,” said Sophie.

About to argue, the Queen let out a thunderous whizzpopper. The walls of Buckingham Palace shook as Her Majesty shot up to the ceiling, spun around the ballroom, royal bloomers on show, before landing spread-eagled by Sophie and the BFG’s feet.

The Queen beamed at them. “The most scrumpilicious birthday present ever!”


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