Veruca Salt


















By Ceridwen Tallett, illustrated by Vera Lily

Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Spoilt girl. Has everything. Wants more.

Golden tickets. Only five. Chances slim.

This time. Fate grins. Wonka watches.

Nut Room.

Magic squirrels.

Veruca wants.

Veruca grabs.

Oh dear.

Squirrel ambush.

Down hole.

Bad Nut. 

Stealing things is never bright,
So heed this warning those who might:

People who steal magic creatures,
Always gain unsightly features.

A tail, some trotters, a warty snout.
Traits you’d rather do without.

Sentenced to gnawing habits,
Of hamsters, beavers and rabbits,

Miss. V. Salt joined the nibguzzler crew,
And like them, must forever chew.

So beware of thieving ways,
Remember – squirrel pinching never pays.

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