From Mean Low Wretch to Grand High Witch

jan-dekkerWritten by Jan Dekker, illustrated by Emily Dekker & Alice Dekker
Inspired by The Witches


Once I was who I used to be.

Kind, modest, demure, delightful. Amenable, accommodating. Pleasant, patient. So nice. So lovely. But so put-upon, so pliable. Servile, supine, simpering. Diffident, deferential. Base, bowing, scraping, quaking, flaky and kow-towing.

So, a sip of special grunchelpotion and…fizz-bubble, scubbletrouble… I became who I am.

My old self crrracklepackered to a cinder, and my new self in its place. Strong, certain, in control. In ze drrriving seat. Ven I say ‘jump’, zey jump out of their miserable skinz.

Zat’s better. So, so much better. I rrreccomend it. In fact, I rrrequire it.

Who’s viz me?

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