Aidan and Robin

Aidan Baker in conversation with

Robin is a Worcestershire businessman with a freelance portfolio including photography, printing, programming, video editing and sales.  The biggest change that lockdown has made to his life has been the decision to excise teaching from it.

Note 1: March-May

“I spoke to my doctor on the phone. He said ‘I told you not to go back into the classroom. I advised you; now I’m telling you.  That’s an instruction.’  I like teaching, I like helping people with learning, I like passing on what I know– but classroom environment and I just do not get on.”

His main ambition is to keep his business going – and he’s weighing up the idea of sharing a house with his business partner.  “We’ve got a lot of equipment here – such as that laser printer behind me – that we need a home for.”  And he’s hoping his musical interests will give him networking opportunities in a local choir.

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