John and Richard

John Dodds in conversation with
Rick Blaskey

Rick Blaskey is a highly successful music executive and highly unsuccessful football fan. He is a lifelong friend, always in control – until March and Covid 19 arrived on his doorstep. John Dodds is brand strategist at The Sharp End, a jazz radio presenter and a member of 26, Dark Angels and Radio Caroline fan club.

Note 1: March-May

I got it at Brentford with 12,000 people – Wednesday lost 5-0 – or the recording studio with three people.

One week in bed and three weeks in my basement, designed for retirement, not isolation.

I was living inside my head. Only music from my youth. Only dreams about people I had long forgotten, music is medicine for the soul.

It was a long time to dwell. I felt strangely in control, even though I wasn’t.

When I finally walked into the garden, the sun welcomed me back. I ached with an appreciation for the love of my family and home, counting my blessings every day.

And now, my mind is clearer than ever. Amid the uncertainty, entertainment has been our constant everywhere. It will continue to bring joy in ways we have not yet imagined. I am excited about the opportunities.

Aren’t I the lucky one?

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