Faye and Mark

Faye Sharpe in conversation with
Mark Collins

Mark is my neighbour. He’s a talented brewer of very fine beers. He reduces his stock, 2 pints at a time, by leaving me a gift at what is now dubbed ‘The Flower Pot Pub’.

Note 1: March-May

The situation is shocking, not easy to get my head around.

I work on my own. My company is a radio. I listen to the news. I found it quite concerning right from the start. I can’t tell you why.

8th February – we went skiing. Landing in Turin, our temperature was checked by people in suits and masks. A bit of a wake-up call. At the resort, nothing was different.  But something struck me. I got on a chair lift with an older Swiss gentleman. He said, “Enjoy your last year.”

10th March – my last brew. 15th – my last working day. 19th – the pub group announced they were closing. 

I’m very good, surprisingly, at doing nothing. I’ve spent so much time working. It’s been a struggle. Now the days disappear.

You turn to family and friends. Peoples’ health is the most important thing. There is a bigger picture.

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