Charlotte and John

Charlotte MacKenzie in conversation with
John MacKenzie

Charlotte’s father, John, is a retired Doctor who lives in Cyprus. She chose him as a conversation partner not only because she misses him, but because his usually hectic social schedule appears to have resulted in him contracting COVID-19.

Note 1: March-May

“It’s like the Marie Celeste around here: no one about, not a car on the road,” comments my Dad, John, who’s enjoyed some seven years in retirement in Cyprus to date.

We usually have a weekly call to catch up, so after having heard in great detail about his armoury of medicines and tinned foods (he’s a retired Doctor), he himself fell ill with Covid-19, caught off a lady in his bridge club.

My younger brother and I both felt decidedly helpless, listening to someone long-distance who sounds completely flat and exhausted for a good three weeks is pretty distressing, however Dad rallied round on a diet of Marmite on toast and some ‘R and R’ – also very difficult for a man with a permanent job list.  

Hairdressers, small businesses, the dentist and supermarkets are all open, with hotels and restaurants left rotting in the sun. Tourism is still on hold.

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