Francesca and Bob

Francesca Baker in conversation with
Bob Baker

Bob is 65 and lives in Ashford, Kent with his wife and two daughters, of whom Francesca is the eldest. He has worked on the railway for 46 years, and is a track chargeman – building bridges, laying track, and fixing crossings.

Note 1: March-May

At the beginning I didn’t know who to believe. Then I started reading about there being no cure, and people started dying. This is real.

Things have changed. We bleach everything in sight. My daughters aren’t going out and me and my wife aren’t seeing friends. I can’t see my son and his wife, which is hard. But I’ve always been family focused and quite a homebody, so I’m happy with our company.

I work on the railway, so am still working and outdoors with people. It’s not easy to keep a distance when you’re working in a gang of blokes. We can’t keep two metres apart when putting in a wheel timber or lugging sleepers around. And the masks are hot and difficult.

I’m not panicking. I’ve never been in this situation. It’s not something any of us has dealt with before, is it?

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