Hester and Toria

Hester Thomas in conversation with

Toria is the daughter of Hester’s close friend, Daphne. She is a speech and language therapist working in a London-based NHS trust. Toria lives near Milton Keynes with her husband Adam and six-year-old son Will.

Note 1: March-May

It was fascinating to see the NHS anticipate and prepare for Covid 19. You could see a tidal wave coming. I was keen to be on the wards again and thought I’d be redeployed. But I wasn’t and I’m grateful now to be working from home.

It’s a positive change being here as a family 24/7. Will’s enjoying being with us and having our attention. We live harmoniously.

We’re mindful that, for us, it’s a time to treasure. We go for more walks and bike rides. Will gives names to places: Dollop Hill for a steep incline, Split Tree for a particular tree.

At work we’re geographically further apart yet more connected. Change has been fast and communications exceptionally good.

Looking ahead there’s so much uncertainty about the next steps. From being at ease about things, I’m now more concerned. It will be interesting to see how the tide turns.

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