Lisa and Nicola

Lisa Andrews in conversation with
Nicola Wingfield

Nicola Wingfield is a self-employed reflexologist and Thai massage therapist and a mum of two. Lisa Andrews is a freelance writer and editor. Nicola is also my much braver sister.

Note 1: March-May

The two weeks before lockdown were stressful – I’d talked to clients about it, but no one was cancelling. Seeing the news from Italy and Spain made it feel much closer to home and I didn’t know what to do for the best. It was a relief to have clear guidance.

There was a strong sense of helplessness initially – I do what I do to help people; there were all these doctors and nurses doing that and I couldn’t. In the end, I decided to concentrate on home, just being.

I’m not a natural teacher, but I’ve realised it’s better that we have that structure to the day. The kids are happy, which is what matters. Since they were born I’ve worried about money. But the worst happened and we’re okay. I feel like I can drop that. I like the simpler pace and would like to be more structured with my hours when I go back, take more time for myself.

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