Caterpillar snacks

Emily_Cracknell_David_6Written by Emily Cracknell, illustrated by David Duan
Inspired by George’s Marvellous Medicine


A matchbox carefully worn; adorned:
‘Beware the bite and bark’
Starts to rattle, shake and spit.

A ravenous spark jives within’t;
Granny – tiny; yet hot-fierce
Rasps for ‘pillar.

“’Pillar, you hear!”

She wants to suck the
Juice from creepy-crawlies,
Rip the prickles from their backs,
Make caterpillar-snacks.

They’ll last her weeks –
She’s very small.
(A thimble-tall, if at all.)

The recipe is simple.
Slide the rascalliwagon ‘pillar in.
Shred some cabbage for effect.
(She won’t be keeping the ‘pillar as a pet.)

She’ll chomp her way to the centre
Using her very miniature dentures.

It’ll soothe her temper.

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