The Accidental Hero

gillian-cWritten by Gillian Colhoun, illustrated by Amalie & Bruno Caves
Inspired by Matilda


I’m no knight in shining armour
Not tall, not proud, not full of ardour.
I never asked to be that guy
The one they cheered to swillafy.
Never thought there’d come a day
I’d get my turn to make her pay.


I’m no hero in tights and cape
Not brave, not bold, not Iron Man shaped.
I never meant to scoff that cake,
The one The Trunchbull had Cook bake.
Never defied a grown-up before,
I’m so very easy to ignore.


I’m Bruce Bogtrotter
Round and plump.
A stammerer, a stutterer,
An invisible chump.


But, you know what?
I won.

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