Slugworth by OscarWritten by Mandy Lee, illustrated by Oscar Mackenzie
Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Oh why aren’t I famed for my fabulous sweets,
like Wonka is known for his outlandish treats?
I know there’s a market for mud-covered chews,
or sour, hairy lollipops handmade from gnu.
And don’t forget green, skunky, trout-flavoured creams,

with snot-covered gum that, when bit, squirts a stream!

They’re brilliant, inventive and tasty, I swear,
but nobody listens while Wonka is there.
So I’m giving up sweets, going all fancy-pants,
to make Slugworth’s Fun Biscuits from roadkill and ants!

These brand new concoctions of protein-rich bugs,
will show them I’m not just some slurraping slug!


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