The girl from The Magic Finger


Written by Michelle Nicol, illustrated by Oisin Farrelly
Inspired by The Magic Finger


Something cracks deep in my tummy.
Tumbling, rumbling like a hard, sour, unripe pear.

A roman candle rocket blasts up to my chest on magnesium flames.
Cheeks sizzle like a lobster on a hot plate.
Chilli burns through every pore.

Belly bubbling goes ballistic.
White-hot lava surges through my bones.
Seething, simmering,
I grind my teeth.
I writhe. I hiss.

An electric eel sparks through my veins.
A million billion shocks through every cell.
I’ll explode.
Shatter like a glass droplet.
I am furious, fierce, ferocious.

Enough of your oshkoshery!

I point my finger…

No looking back.



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