This is the story of James Henry Trotter

Liam-Gogan's-giant-peachWritten by Mike Gogan, illustrated by Liam Gogan
Inspired by James and the Giant Peach


This is the story of James Henry Trotter.
He’d two nasty aunts, each a real rotter.
Old Spiker and Sponge had put fun out of reach,
Until ‘Bang!’ Fun came along with a giant peach.
James wriggled inside the fruit so delicious,
To start him an adventure so luscilicious.
Inside the peach, he made strange friends indeed;
A grasshopper, a spider, a centipede.
Like the peach, all giants, worm and ladybird too,
They bounced, they floated, to the clouds they flew.
With sea gulls on strings, what fun these friends had.
Three cheers for James, now there’s a happy lad.

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