Postcards from retirement

maya-chapmanWritten by Nick Parker, illustrated by Maya Chapman
Inspired by Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Charlie! Your first day in charge! The goodest of lucks!
Remember – call the Wonkaphone if you need me!

Charlie! Had splendiforous idea for edible hats!
If it’s not a winner I’ll… eat my hat!!  Drop by and show you?
Fine if you’re busy.

SO sorry for the trubulation.
Just wanted to see the Oompah Loompahs again.
Of course I’ll bring them back! Hope production not affected.

Yes. Was me on the roof last night. Must have been sleepwalking.
Were the squirrels very spooked? A thousand apologies.

Charlie, my dear boy.
Listen. Don’t suppose you need a lift operator, do you?

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