The Enormous Crocodile

Rosa illustration 3Written by Olly Davy, illustrated by Rosa
Inspired by The Enormous Crocodile


Now I must say, in my plans for the day,
This was not one of my cleverest tricks.
Muggle Wump the monkey, Humpy Rumpy and Trunky
Have put me in a rumbunculous fix.

They caught me, they trapped me, they saw me, they stopped me.
Warned the children and spoiled my lunch.
Those botherous beasts interrupted my feast.
Next time, it’s their bones that I’ll crunch.

I can’t wait to land and make secreter plans
To enjoy a fantabulous meal.
I’m sure Trunky tastes good, with Roly Poly Bird pud.
It’s not long ’til I’ll be hearing them squeal.


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