Oompa Loompas Versus The People

Written by Samm Short, illustrated by Phoebe Alexander-Davis
Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Oompa Loompas Versus The People


FILED: 04.28.16

JUDGEMENT: Uncertain


Image 1: Rubbish Chute.

Defendant nods vigorously.

Image 2: Ms Salt, Falling Down Chute.

Defendant laughs hysterically. Stops. Puts hand into pocket and pops dark bean into mouth.

Image 3: The Accursed Oogletrumper.

Defendant gasps and puts head between legs. Requests for Defendant to stand up properly are refused until Judge apologises and promises not to show awful pictures again.


Immigration papers are requested. Defendant tosses a caterpillar over his shoulder and shrugs.


Man in hat at the back calls Blashphemoodle! and lobs a gobstopper at Judge.




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