by Suzie Inman

Alone I am drop.
Join the drops. Turn the tide. Think.
Now, we are ocean.

Speaking for the sea. 

I’m a mermaid. That’s right, an actual mermaid. I belong to a community of merfolk – the Cornish merpod, many of whom are also talented free divers. As an extension of that I also know a bunch of free divers and sea swimmers. We all love the sea. Many of us already take action to help protect it.

My pledge is to become an ambassador for the oceans and marine environment and to encourage others to do the same. To think about how the decisions we make and the actions we take can be part of a sea change.

I want to educate myself so I understand the many and complex issues facing the world’s oceans and, crucially, the actions we can take to help. From plastic pollution to rewilding the ocean with new seagrass, I want to share the amazing things humans are doing – as well as the damage we have done and are doing – to foster change. 

I attended an online conference evening held by local cold water surf brand Finisterre called Sea Change, as part of my new pledge and commitment. In it there was a repeated tryptic of agents for change:

Indigenous wisdom. 

I’ll be looking for ways to combine them to have the biggest positive impact. And adding a little sprinkle of magic mermaid dust (not made from plastic).

In my guise as a mermaid I want to encourage others, especially children, to think about their impact. I’ll do this by supporting local beach cleans and charities with appearances, booking storytelling sessions in our local marketplace and advocating for the oceans.

The Little Mermaid lost her voice to be able to walk on land. I want to use mine so we can continue to enjoy swimming in the ocean. I want to protect the marine habitat above and below water, and consider the space where the land meets the shore.

I’ll be wearing tails and spreading tales to inspire change. And doing what I can to turn the tide.

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  1. Good luck mermaid Suzie – yes, you’re so right, we can all use our voices to support keeping our beaches clean. I must check-out any beach cleaning activities in my area!

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