by Peter Havers

Your mother’s kidneys
Keeping all mankind alive
Save them while you can

Your Mother’s Kidneys

If your mother’s kidneys were failing, what would you do? 

Help her? Or allow her to suffer?

It’s a question we face each day. 

Our planet’s wetlands are shrinking. 


Mother Nature’s kidneys, maimed and destroyed.

Little by little, she’s dying.

But no-one is listening. 

To many, wetlands are backwaters.

The playground of ducks and old men.

Change the narrative.

Save your mother.

Read Caroline Kohl’s 26 Habitats wetlands centena and essay.

Read Miranda Dickinson’s 26 Habitats wetlands centena and essay.

One thought on “Wetlands

  1. Wow ‘Mother’ nature suddenly takes on new significance in Peter’s poem & is a short, sharp wake-up call to everyone doing their bit – we’d all save our mothers if they were in trouble, wouldn’t we?

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